We strongly believe that an excellent service does not only come from the study of the market but that instead it must be the perfect balance between the different dynamics that surround the activity itself.

This is why we have values ​​that we cannot and do not want to ignore and that mainly revolve around a single concept: RESPECT.

Respect for nature: in fact, freight traffic by rail considerably reduces the emission of CO2 into the air, contributing to an enormous cut both in terms of emissions and road hazards.

Respect for the customer: the center of all our activities is our Customer who can attain a customized service tailored to his needs and can count on a reactive performance in case of need or unexpected adversities.

Respect for the law: the strict safety criteria to which we adhere ensure that the risk deriving from structural problems or human errors is reduced to a minimum, with careful maintenance and by promoting a solid training base with the personnel, continuous training courses and maintaining skills.

Respect for human resources: the soul of the Company, the greatest force capable of creating added value.

10 good reasons to use our services

Affirmed player in the market
Young, motivated and specialized team; multi-purpose personnel
Smart and efficient organization
Reliability and flexibility
High-performance rolling materials
Integrated solutions
Focus on values: safety, respect, eco-sustainability
Extended network
Customer care
Solid international partnerships

Rail freight transport is the preferred method for environmentally friendly logistics processes.

Our company is highly sensitive to "green" policies, we realize our business whilst maintaining high attention to the environment.
With this in mind, every day CFI produces added value by reducing CO2 emissions, pollution and the risks deriving from road accidents that could occur as a result of excessive and / or unregulated use of rubber as at least 75%. mode of transport.

Safety first.

This is one of our fundamental values: we are perfectly aware that a good service cannot ignore the attention to safety and reliability of means and personnel.
We take measures to minimize the risks arising from structural damage and at the same time promote a mentality to our staff aimed at raising awareness of the "human factor"; in fact, CFI's traveling staff follows an accurate training, updating and skills maintenance program.
We employ maintenance companies that in turn comply with stringent quality criteria in order to keep the machines and rolling stock in perfect working conditions.
Offering a service with a high standard of security for us means being able to guarantee the Customer a reliable, reliable and attentive commitment.


We guarantee a service up to expectations.

CFI is well aware of how important it is to guarantee the customer that the service is performed at scheduled times in order to avoid unpleasant inconveniences to the industrial processes that await the incoming raw material or to the final customers who are waiting for the finished product.
For this reason, one of the major efforts of our company is aimed at guaranteeing an unexceptionable service in the times identified by the customer.
We strive daily to avoid time shifts on the schedule, trying to guarantee maximum efficiency even when delays are not directly connected to our activity, but to the complex railway system in which we operate.


One of our greatest strengths: we are able to think of customer-tailored solutions.

The transport of goods is released from its canonical rigidity, with all the complications that this entails, to adapt to different needs.
We at CFI strongly believe that adapting the service to the needs of those who use it is the key to success: in fact, not only are we able to study affordable solutions, but we also guarantee maximum availability, speed of organization and responsiveness to the needs expressed by our customers in terms of trains, routes and timing.


We have the following certifications:

ANSF Safety Certificate
European Security Certificate (A + B)
License for the transport of waste and dangerous goods (excluding type 7 - radioactive)
Registration of environmental managers.